In 2008, Paul Bente, who had served as JBL President, created the brand “Crossroads” in the U.S.A. Paul Bente and his team had immense zeal in the research, development and application of speakers with 30 years’ experience in this field, which keeps “Crossroads” nourishing the uncompromising and pure pursuit in acoustics. Thanks to the product concept “Simplicity out of complexity” and picky attitude towards sound, they soon won great word of mouth and customer trust in European and American markets.   

Without high standard setting, the core spirit and value of “Crossroads” are highly commended by may not be known to you. It’s the last thing that “Crossroads” would do to sacrifice the sound and follow the mass trend. It focuses on high quality and always welcomes high demanding customer, this is why “Crossroads” becomes representative of high fidelity speakers.                                                                 

 In 2017, Microlab Electronics Company Limited, one of the leading speaker manufacturer in China, acquired “Crossroads” as their new brand. So far, “Microlab” and “Crossroads” are the two brands owned by Microlab Electronics, while “Microlab” concentrates on multimedia and portable speakers, “Crossrodas” is dedicated to high-end HIFI home theater systems, amplifiers and architectural speakers, all of which build up a smart and all-around speaker system. They aim at different audio markets, but both are committed to high quality and leading technology.  


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